Ready to submit your art?

A few things to know before you begin. This application is a two step process.
The first step is entering your contact information. Have your digital resume ready. PDF format is preferred but not required.
The second step is uploading your artwork. Have your images selected and in a digital format for uploading. We recommend a "JPEG High" quality but you can be optimized as you see fit to get the best file size/quality ratio. We prefer the file size be below 5mb. You will be asked to enter a Title, Description, Date, medium, dimensions along with the Value or Selling Price as you upload each image.

Please use only alpha-numeric characters in the file names (e.g., no commas, semi-colons, hash, dollar signs, etc.).

Step 1: Contact Information

I am a student

 Attach Bio/Resume

PDF file is preferred but not required. Please check that your file name does not contain special characters or symbols before submitting.